Many times the people who I meet don’t need an interior design project or they don’t want a big renovation of their home, they only need an advice about how to improve or how to refurbish their homes.

Giving advice is a great challenge, and I’d be happy to help you decorating your living space.


• Interiors designed by standards of aesthetic appeal and simultaneously bearing in mind their practicability, taking into account the wishes and styles of every client.

• Giving you a professional advice to chose styles, materials, fabrics and colours…the best for your living space.

• Finding the constructive answers to problems, that could arise during the design process and renovation works in a helpful and positive way.

• Absolute professionalism guaranteed during the whole period, i.e. from the design advice to execution of renovation works.

• Meeting our deadlines through careful planning, supervising and execution of works.

• Online projects for clients who needs them.